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Paranoia in-world

Ever had that feeling one of your friends are hiding from you? Or perhaps ignoring you on purpose?  ”Dammit, He/She’s not talking to me!  Therefore, I will tick that little box in my friends list and ignore you”.  

*note, i never got to publish this…..and its almost 2years old!

Mexico! Mexico!

I was bored one day and decided to look around to make my dismal life a bit more exciting…so I took my beat up old car and went on a road trip, and ran out of frikin fuel….in the middle of the desert…

…then I stumbled upon this place. Tableau, Tableau (119, 185, 22)

At first I wasnt expecting anything great, until this huge bomb rezzed before me! (behind the stage) Looking out, all I see is tumbleweed and more sand… The only thing missing here is the mexican border.:)

After that episode, I got intrigued and looked around some more…and lo and behold…theme park!  Images of carousels, roller coasters and fun things to do flooded my mind…

…only to find it desolate and abandoned…

Lol, bearded lady…looks more like a guy in drag O_o

Tell someones fortune by going inside one of the tents…

Since this is Mexico, might as well dress the part…I used Bubblez Design Mary Lou Outfit (Free at Lucky Board)

I invite Milo to take center stage…..what an outfit! lol

My turn..:)

Then out of nowhere, Money Zero in his bunny suit shows up…lol

As I look around, the architecture further impresses me!  So unique! I have to tip off my hat to Nylon Pinkney and the Tableu People for creating this place!

This shop caught my attention, The Wrigglesworth’s Residence, Tableau (184, 138, 22)….lets take a look inside…

60-70 year old avatars!  LMAO  and you can also get them clothes and canes and whatever old people wear…lol  I’m so having fun now.

The Golden Girls!!!  Ill probly look like one of them when i’m 60…lol

I find this hair shop very interesting…CLAWTOOTH Tableau, Tableau (227, 140, 22)

…you can get free hair too and in all colors! Clawtooth You Say Tomato Hair (All colors free)

This looks promising…blown away hair…hmmm

Whats with this place and women with moustaches??!!

This isnt Mexico if you cant get married right away right?

So, get hitched in this here cheesy looking chapel…lol

Try looking around for a hole on the ground and fall into this club with black light and neon paint splashed all over…:)  And the best part, 70s mexican music! (at least thats what I know)

I decide to call it a day, but before I do I’ll show you what I got…

On Jean:  Clawtooth Blown away hair $L275 - thanks Milo!

There’s so many more other parts of this awesome sim to explore that I leave up to you to stumble upon….

Once in a while, something fantastic happens in SL…we just have to look around.

Tableau, Tableau (119, 185, 22)

Help Japan Charity Event March 20 to April 20

Im sure you’ve heard of a charity for Japan all over SL, here’s another one…Helpjapan, Chirihama (200, 91, 21) I like this one in particular due to its help to Japan Red Cross.  The founder is Urikoh Blinker.

This will go on for a month and 100% of its proceeds will go to Japan Red Cross!

I hope you find time to visit this place…and if you are short on L$ yet still want to help out…spread the word instead and you can get this nice Hug Japan Shirt for free!

Doing the jiggy on a chair, jean wears: Hug Japan Shirt Free

Japan Red Cross website. 

This is the FLICKR dedicated to this event.

Helpjapan, Chirihama (200, 91, 21)

Return to Innocence

For the past week, I’ve taken upon the form of a 4 year old kid.  And so far the best frikin time I’ve ever had here in SL!  Why?  Aside from looking cute and adorable, you can get away with almost anything…bug a person, they wont mind cause you’re such a doll…lol.  And the best part is, there’s no pressure to look sexy or pretty, just fun and play all day!

Milo, Al and Me on a trampoline!

Mom and me at Maldives

Milo took the child avatar week to a whole new level by coming up with a new Bubblez Design line called Little Bubblez Design!  Fantastic! I can be a kid forever! lol  

Here are some of the clothes in the new fashion line.

Milo and I collaborated to make this set for only 30L

This week my return to innocence has been a blast. I’m taken back to a time when I just thought about what to play with next, or who ill be playing with… It’s always nice to try something new in SL.

Favorite Things 9

Today I drop by Komorebi, Komorebi (207, 45, 21) for their first year anniversary, they have a little bazaar going on in one part of the sim.  All shops in the area have something on a discounted sale here.  Plus some very nice freebies.

This caught my attention since there was a free item, to my surprise they were selling a fatpack Zazie Hair for only 180L. Made by Mikan Hair

This is the Bazaar Hair and Accesory freebie!!!  It comes in 2 colors

Another shot of the hair….very cute and flexi too.

Looking around i snapped up these furniture selling for only 10L and 9L for the fan!

Out of curiosity, i go to the Mikan Shop a few yards away from the bazaar….

Look at my finds!! Mikan Hair rough long (chestnut) for only 89L

Mikan Straight only 78L!!

Love Mouse Style 1L.…thats right just one linden!

To top it off, i got this new 75L Yukki Outfit from Bubblez Designs! Limited Time only (in conjunction with Tuesday Crazy Offer)

This is the other color for the freebie hair…

So happy at what i found I told Meko about it….she was going to get the freebie, but made a mistake and clicked on the fatpack instead!  Lol  Next time, wear glasses Meko…Lol

Komorebi, Komorebi (207, 45, 21)

*mikan hair main shop, Komorebi (107, 170, 29)

Favorite Things 8

I got a little snap shot happy today and i just wanted to share with you how nice the shots turned out…:)  Taken at one of my favorite hair shop, ""D!va"" Main Store Isle, CalanDiva (173, 155, 26)  The outdoors is wonderful for taking snapshots.

Earlier today my SL mom took me shopping at DeLa* and we found this nice Oversized Sweater “Lita” for only 380L

a little too revealing, so i wore a scarf i got at [Hoorenbeek] for only 200L. It will keep the pervs at bay…lol

And to make things better, my good friend Kei Ushimawa of ::[ P I X E L S ]:: MAINSTORE, Pengo Bay (144, 75, 22) gave me a bootleg copy of the new skin that will be on sale soon! PIXELS FrostHeart Skin(Caramel) w/bust…around 400L (just a ballpark figure)TBA

If you look closely there a little heart shape near the eye.

""D!va"" Main Store Isle, CalanDiva (173, 155, 26)

[Hoorebeek] 7, JT World VI (124, 104, 22)

=DeLa*= MainStore Dress, Denim, , DeLa (177, 123, 24)

::[ P I X E L S ]:: MAINSTORE, Pengo Bay (144, 75, 22)

Favorite Things 7

This one is a gift from my friend Danielle Sorellwood…its a texture and sculpt organizer for the budding builder…I think its awesome, but i still have to figure out how to use it.  Lol 

KinEx Texture Organizer V2 600L at the Marketplace

Favorite Things 6

This next one is a bit hard to explain on print, but i bet all of you have encountered gestures in one form…some are really funny, some are cute.  I always get my chipmunked gestures from Liliyan McCarey.  I usually order chipmunked voices of my close friends name thru her… custom around 160L/ line with full permission.

sample local chat: ★¸.·*¨★¸.·*¨★ Zachy ★¨*·.¸★¨*·.¸★ with a chipmunk voice to boot.:)

Lil’s Gestures - A Gesture for Y, Witch Haven (204, 185, 503)

Favorite Things 5

These next two ill put it in one post….my hair from Dr.Life. Amazing hair that looks so healthy too!  This one came with all the colors, but they made it in such a way that it is low prim so it wont lag your Avatar.

DrLife Hair “Yii” (all colors) 350L

Next is skin from Romi Juliesse.  This one is called Cat (500L only).  I love Romi’s skins for their pure look and not so heavy makeup.  It comes with 2 shapes and lots of makeup tatoos and skin options from eyeliner to blush-on.  The Lashes i got from Sowelu Skins for only 100L

Romi Skin Cat 500L; Sowelu Skin Lashes 100L

GreatWall & SilkGirl - DrLife Ma, Sylvhara (101, 173, 26)

ROMI SKIN, Elegant (144, 23, 24)

.:*Sowelu Skin*:.   Main Shop, SHIKI VILLAGE (165, 140, 20)

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