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Favorite Things 3

This is Bubblez designs group gift for 2011. This Thinking trunk comes with 6 static poses and 2 animated poses for your photosession.:)  Thank you Milo for the wonderful photo!

Bubblez Design - Vestige Wish, Cocktail Isle (135, 193, 38)

Favorite Things 2

Part two of my favorite things…my rodeo boots from [Hoorenbeek] Limer Corp. Property, JT World VI (127, 30, 22).  I love these boots! High quality very detailed, if you look closer you can see the stitches on it!  Hoorenbeek is mainly a mans store, but lately they have been making for women too! 

[Hoorenbeek] Rodeo Boots for women L520

[Hoorenbeek] Limer Corp. Property, JT World VI (127, 30, 22)

Starting the year right…

Happy new year to you all!:)  This year promises to be a very good one!  So I’ll start it right with some of my favorite things i got during the holidays. First is this fabulous mini dress made for me by Milo Bubblez.  I was just asking her what would go well with the pilot Jacket i got from my SL mom…then in no less than 30 mins….boom boom pow…new outfit fresh off Milo’s Oven! lol That fast..O_o

Oh i have to warn you, its very very short…lol

The Jean Boa Outfit is available for only 50L at Bubblez Designs!

Oh and do check out the new landscaping at the shop, its soooo nice!

Bubblez Design - Winter Sonata, Cocktail Isle (159, 174, 39)

Luxury from Mont St. Michel to Flying High Like a G6 at Casablanca Hotel!

We head off to Mont St. Michel, a stunning replica of the famous island in France…SL Mont St. Michel *Edelweiss* Le Mont Saint-Michel, Mont Saint Michel (108, 24, 21)

Mont Saint-Michel (EnglishSaint Michael's Mount) is a rocky tidal island and a commune in Normandy, France. It is located approximately one kilometre (just over half a mile) off the country’s north coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches

RL Mont St. Michel

Of course we should look the part… Im wearing Bubblez Designs Remembrance Outfit L299.  And Stiletto Moodys Bare Olivia Midnight L1,799. This place boasts of about 40 plus stores that can serve almost anything you fancy.

Dont forget to dropby the Le Cafe Poulard for a bagel and some coffee…

The place is lined up with small stores you’ll enjoy looking around..(somehow i find it easier to look around using mouselook)

I invite my family for a quick coffee break and discuss looking around the Casablanca Hotel to check it out…  Here’s the blurb that describes it: 5 Star Hotel offering Residential and Junior Suites. Ballroom, weddings, honeymoon, vacation. The most beautiful hotel in Second Life. Also the home of MISS VIRTUAL WORLD.  Wow! 

!*! CASABLANCA HOTEL !*!  MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization, Casablanca Hotel (191, 72, 31) - Moderate

We look into the rooms, assisted by the ever charming BlackBarbie Bravin (Hotel Manager) and the next thing you know, we are booked and living in luxury.:) Check out the size of the room!  

Welcome to the BOSL life!

And the view is awesome!

Across you can see some of the best shops in SL all in one place!

Amuro and i take a break and enjoy the wonderful sight!

Stiletto Moody Boutique, Stiletto Moody (99, 223, 46) - ‘PG’

*Edelweiss* Le Mont Saint-Michel, Mont Saint Michel (108, 24, 21)

!*! CASABLANCA HOTEL !*!  MISS VIRTUAL WORLD Organization, Casablanca Hotel (191, 72, 31) - Moderate

Free Jewelry:)

With the help of Milo (Design kung Fu Master), i’ve started learning how to build jewelry…and this being my first, I want to give it away to all of you…(not that you need  I’ve setup a Lucky board in Bubblez Design so you can get a set of my “Berry Nice Jewelry” lol.  You can also approach me in world if your not lucky, ill just hand it over to you…and I hope, I hope you like them.:)

On Jean: Berry Nice Necklace and Berry Nice Bracelet

"L" for Lucky you…or LOL….or Loser…

You may get the said jewelry here in-world at Bubblez Design Lucky Board Plaza…lol

Bubblez Design - Winter Sonata, Cocktail Isle (159, 174, 39)

Blast from the past

We go back to the 50s with this outfit! A time when everything was simple…and mostly stuff were painted

Bubblez 1950s Monarita Outfit - Diamond is Mine Hunt Gift

Prom night!  Go cruising down to the prom in your boyfriends hotrod!

Only available through the Diamond is Mine Hunt.  Nov. 14 to 30 only! It includes a hat too.

Winter Solstice at Bubblez Design!

Holidays are here!  And here at the shop, we are celebrating it already…

Brrrr…cold as hell

We’ve got Polar bears, Penguins, snow and Ice skating!  So if you have a date, take them here for some couple ice skating!

Okay we now go to the clothes…first is the Baby Winter Blue Dress which is a group gift to all Bubblez Members!  Yay! Nice flowing garment even when there’s no wind..O_o  

Next is this white outfit called Winter Love that sells for only 299L…see that penguin wants to buy one already…O_o

This is the Bressaone Outfit this is on a 50L promo till November 30 only! It has a Hat and leg warmers too!

Polar Bear: Big deal…

Jean: Shaddap!

This is also called Bressaone, however in all black and retails at 299L!

Polar Bear:  So what?

Jean: Shaddap!

Bubblez Design - Winter Sonata, Cocktail Isle (159, 174, 39)

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