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Return to Innocence

For the past week, I’ve taken upon the form of a 4 year old kid.  And so far the best frikin time I’ve ever had here in SL!  Why?  Aside from looking cute and adorable, you can get away with almost anything…bug a person, they wont mind cause you’re such a doll…lol.  And the best part is, there’s no pressure to look sexy or pretty, just fun and play all day!

Milo, Al and Me on a trampoline!

Mom and me at Maldives

Milo took the child avatar week to a whole new level by coming up with a new Bubblez Design line called Little Bubblez Design!  Fantastic! I can be a kid forever! lol  

Here are some of the clothes in the new fashion line.

Milo and I collaborated to make this set for only 30L

This week my return to innocence has been a blast. I’m taken back to a time when I just thought about what to play with next, or who ill be playing with… It’s always nice to try something new in SL.

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