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Help Japan Charity Event March 20 to April 20

Im sure you’ve heard of a charity for Japan all over SL, here’s another one…Helpjapan, Chirihama (200, 91, 21) I like this one in particular due to its help to Japan Red Cross.  The founder is Urikoh Blinker.

This will go on for a month and 100% of its proceeds will go to Japan Red Cross!

I hope you find time to visit this place…and if you are short on L$ yet still want to help out…spread the word instead and you can get this nice Hug Japan Shirt for free!

Doing the jiggy on a chair, jean wears: Hug Japan Shirt Free

Japan Red Cross website. 

This is the FLICKR dedicated to this event.

Helpjapan, Chirihama (200, 91, 21)

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