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Favorite Things 9

Today I drop by Komorebi, Komorebi (207, 45, 21) for their first year anniversary, they have a little bazaar going on in one part of the sim.  All shops in the area have something on a discounted sale here.  Plus some very nice freebies.

This caught my attention since there was a free item, to my surprise they were selling a fatpack Zazie Hair for only 180L. Made by Mikan Hair

This is the Bazaar Hair and Accesory freebie!!!  It comes in 2 colors

Another shot of the hair….very cute and flexi too.

Looking around i snapped up these furniture selling for only 10L and 9L for the fan!

Out of curiosity, i go to the Mikan Shop a few yards away from the bazaar….

Look at my finds!! Mikan Hair rough long (chestnut) for only 89L

Mikan Straight only 78L!!

Love Mouse Style 1L.…thats right just one linden!

To top it off, i got this new 75L Yukki Outfit from Bubblez Designs! Limited Time only (in conjunction with Tuesday Crazy Offer)

This is the other color for the freebie hair…

So happy at what i found I told Meko about it….she was going to get the freebie, but made a mistake and clicked on the fatpack instead!  Lol  Next time, wear glasses Meko…Lol

Komorebi, Komorebi (207, 45, 21)

*mikan hair main shop, Komorebi (107, 170, 29)

Winter Solstice at Bubblez Design!

Holidays are here!  And here at the shop, we are celebrating it already…

Brrrr…cold as hell

We’ve got Polar bears, Penguins, snow and Ice skating!  So if you have a date, take them here for some couple ice skating!

Okay we now go to the clothes…first is the Baby Winter Blue Dress which is a group gift to all Bubblez Members!  Yay! Nice flowing garment even when there’s no wind..O_o  

Next is this white outfit called Winter Love that sells for only 299L…see that penguin wants to buy one already…O_o

This is the Bressaone Outfit this is on a 50L promo till November 30 only! It has a Hat and leg warmers too!

Polar Bear: Big deal…

Jean: Shaddap!

This is also called Bressaone, however in all black and retails at 299L!

Polar Bear:  So what?

Jean: Shaddap!

Bubblez Design - Winter Sonata, Cocktail Isle (159, 174, 39)


Our travel takes us today to whimsical places like Cheese…this place is like Bugs Bunny and Crash bandicoot rolled into one.  So better wear the right clothes for this one…

Im wearing Bubblez Design Kitty outfit Free at the Lucky boards again!  I really love the bag that’s included in the set!:)

When you get there, you will be greeted at the entrance with these large guards…and look, VHS tapes! lol

Look at all these hilarious hats and stuff!  I’d get one of those thrones if I had a house…lol

Death Ray!!! lol

And in one corner is Rachel?

After visiting the shop, go further down and enjoy all the fun this place has to offer…

I spot a small house downhill and decide to take a nap…really funny sleeping pose there…some of these kooky furniture you can buy from the store.

Record player…with pepperoni pizza playing…lol

Well, time to go somewhere else…(I swear there were some stores here before that had freebies, but it seems they left already…too bad)

Breaker, Cheese (198, 206, 81)

Great finds at Bubblez Designs!

Ok, here’s one of the best places to start your own wardrobe…you noobs might be thinking, how can i get clothes with no money?  Hang on, go to this shop now and leave smiling from ear to ear with an inventory that will cry for more space! (too many items coming in!)  

There are so many clothes here that are being given away for free! (that whole wall is filled with group gifts) And whats more, these are high quality items with belts, bags, skin, hair and even some special effects when flying!  Forget about going to the freebie shop! People ive met inworld have sworn how very chic the styles are and how very generous of the owner to share all these without having to pay for them. 

What I like most about the clothes here are the small details you wont find elsewhere. And its free and some are affordable!  Ill take you through some of my favorite finds here…

Gothic Nerd Glasses in all black group gift this can be worn on the head and mouth too(the one shown is the changeable colored version sold for L179) and yes that is my ugly hand in front of the camera

Komi Outfit from one of the many Lucky Boards at the shop.  Notice the sword.

Casuarina Outfit group gift - pigs not included.

Snow White outfit group gift - by special request, I asked Milo to make me a nice Snow white outfit.:) lmao  Hair and shoes included!

Moon Dragon special edition full outfit with skin!  Just in time to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival…this is so hot. Oh and its absolutely FREE!

My Most Favorite!  The Jean Outfit this is named after me so you better get one…only this is being sold for L299

Bubbly outfit in green L299

Sexy Gothika outfit L299 - This I love to wear with the next item

Goggle Hair Mid Autumn Lucky Draw!  I won this in the raffle!  Good for you, it will be sold by the end of Sept. 2010. 


Lolita Mannequin White outfit L299  I like how the lace is seen thru…I got a hosting job because of this outfit…lol

These are just some of the great stuff you’ll find here…too many to show

Now get yourself here! Oh and one more thing, hang around there are many nice settings in the parcel for you to explore.:)

Bubblez Design - Autumn Sonata, Cocktail Isle (160, 176, 39)


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