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Favorite Things 8

I got a little snap shot happy today and i just wanted to share with you how nice the shots turned out…:)  Taken at one of my favorite hair shop, ""D!va"" Main Store Isle, CalanDiva (173, 155, 26)  The outdoors is wonderful for taking snapshots.

Earlier today my SL mom took me shopping at DeLa* and we found this nice Oversized Sweater “Lita” for only 380L

a little too revealing, so i wore a scarf i got at [Hoorenbeek] for only 200L. It will keep the pervs at bay…lol

And to make things better, my good friend Kei Ushimawa of ::[ P I X E L S ]:: MAINSTORE, Pengo Bay (144, 75, 22) gave me a bootleg copy of the new skin that will be on sale soon! PIXELS FrostHeart Skin(Caramel) w/bust…around 400L (just a ballpark figure)TBA

If you look closely there a little heart shape near the eye.

""D!va"" Main Store Isle, CalanDiva (173, 155, 26)

[Hoorebeek] 7, JT World VI (124, 104, 22)

=DeLa*= MainStore Dress, Denim, , DeLa (177, 123, 24)

::[ P I X E L S ]:: MAINSTORE, Pengo Bay (144, 75, 22)

Favorite Things 5

These next two ill put it in one post….my hair from Dr.Life. Amazing hair that looks so healthy too!  This one came with all the colors, but they made it in such a way that it is low prim so it wont lag your Avatar.

DrLife Hair “Yii” (all colors) 350L

Next is skin from Romi Juliesse.  This one is called Cat (500L only).  I love Romi’s skins for their pure look and not so heavy makeup.  It comes with 2 shapes and lots of makeup tatoos and skin options from eyeliner to blush-on.  The Lashes i got from Sowelu Skins for only 100L

Romi Skin Cat 500L; Sowelu Skin Lashes 100L

GreatWall & SilkGirl - DrLife Ma, Sylvhara (101, 173, 26)

ROMI SKIN, Elegant (144, 23, 24)

.:*Sowelu Skin*:.   Main Shop, SHIKI VILLAGE (165, 140, 20)

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